Arduino Bluetooth RC Car 2

Modify RC model car to control via Bluetooth

Arduino Bluetooth RC Car 2

This page explains how to modify a model RC car to add Bluetooth connectivity to control it from mobile phone with RoboRemo app.

Materials needed:
- Model RC Car waiting to get Bluetooth connectivity
- Arduino UNO (or similar) + USB cable for it
- BlueSMiRF module
- Android phone with RoboRemo app installed


An RC receiver is a module that gets a radio signal (2.4GHz / 40MHz / etc.) and generates PWM signals (like the PWM that is used to control servo motors). In this project we will replace it with an Arduino-based DIY receiver.


Build the Arduino RC receiver

Connect it to the RC car (replace the original receiver).


Build the RoboRemo interface, connect via Bluetooth and enjoy :)