Blink 3 virtual LEDs

Blink 3 virtual LEDs on the RoboRemo interface

Blink 3 virtual LEDs

This page explains how to use led items in RoboRemo interface.

Materials needed:
- Arduino UNO (or similar) + USB cable for it
- BlueSMiRF module
- DC adapter for Arduino
- Android phone with RoboRemo app installed


In this example I use Arduino UNO with BlueSMiRF Bluetooth module. RoboRemo connects via Bluetooth to the Arduino. The Arduino is periodically sending the commands that turn ON and OFF the LEDs.


Upload this sketch to your Arduino:

// Blink 3 leds on the RoboRemo interface

// Hardware setup:

// BlueSMiRF   Arduino
// GND ------- GND
// VCC ------- 5V
// TX-O ------ RX
// RX-I ------ TX

// in RoboRemo select menu -> edit ui
// then add 3 LEDs
// then set their IDs to led1, led2, led3.

#define bluetooth Serial

void setup() {
  bluetooth.begin(115200); // modify baud if needed.
                           // make sure your module uses the same baud

void loop() {
  Serial.print("led1 1\n");
  Serial.print("led1 0\n");
  Serial.print("led2 1\n");
  Serial.print("led2 0\n");
  Serial.print("led3 1\n");
  Serial.print("led3 0\n");

Connect Bluetooth module according to the hardware setup in the Arduino sketch.

Power the Arduino with the DC adapter.

Build the RoboRemo interface, connect via Bluetooth and enjoy :)