Test RoboRemo communication using a TCP Terminal

See exactly what the app is sending. Send any command to the app.

Test RoboRemo communication using a TCP Terminal

This page explains how to use a TCP Terminal to test a RoboRemo interface and see exactly what data it is sending and when. Also you can send commands back to RoboRemo.

Materials needed:
- Android phone with RoboRemo app installed
- PC running Linux and having netcat installed (or another Android device with TCP Terminal app installed)


It it helpful to use a TCP Terminal program when you want to see what RoboRemo is actually sending, or when you want to manually send commands to RoboRemo. In the picture above, I use a program called netcat, running on Linux. In the RoboRemo interface, I set the button's press action to button pressed, and release action to button released.

If you want to test a RoboRemo led item for example, just add it to the interface, set id to led, then send led 1 from netcat and the led will turn ON. Send led 0 to turn it OFF.

The default command ending in RoboRemo is \n (Line Feed).
Also netcat appends it by default when you press enter.


Have both devices connected to the same WiFi.

Open RoboRemo and prepare the interface you want to test.

On Linux PC:
- open terminal, type nc -l 9999

or on another Android device:
- open TCP Terminal
- go to settings, set server mode and port 9999
- make sure the command ending is set to \n
- start server

In RoboRemo select menu -> connect -> TCP, enter the ip:port

Press some button or move slider in RoboRemo. The other device terminal will display the received commands.

Enter a command in the terminal. It will be sent to RoboRemo.

Understand how RoboRemo inteface works and enjoy :)